About Us


As Marsel Shoes, we aim to offer quality and stylish shoes by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. With our innovative designs and superior service understanding, we strive to provide our customers with comfort and style at every step. By adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods, we aim to leave a livable world for future generations. By keeping diversity and inclusiveness among our core values, we care about creating a fashion understanding where every individual can express themselves freely.


Serkan Koşak opened a small shoe workshop with great passion despite economic difficulties. He quickly became known for his quality and stylish shoes. However, Serkan passed away due to an unexpected illness. His wife Şevval Koşak took over the company with great determination. To keep Serkan's dream alive, she grew Marsel Shoes even further and turned it into a national brand. Today, Marsel Shoes continues to offer comfort and style at every step as a globally recognized and loved brand.


As Marsel Shoes, we prioritize quality and innovation. We work customer-oriented and develop our products according to needs and expectations. We adhere to the principle of sustainability and use environmentally friendly materials. We support diversity and inclusiveness and offer a wide range of products that appeal to different styles. We take an active role in social responsibility projects to contribute to society. We aim for continuous development and offer the most up-to-date and trendy products


At Marsel Shoes, we work passionately to ensure that our shoes offer comfort and elegance with every step. Customer satisfaction and the importance we attach to quality are the cornerstones of our business. Acting with the principles of innovation and sustainability, we aim to be a reliable brand with environmentally friendly production processes. We aim to make fashion accessible by offering a wide range of products that reflect the style and personality of each individual. As Marsel Shoes, we adopt the principle of adding value to society and prioritizing continuous development in our steps towards the future.

We aim to add value to our customers' lives by combining comfort and elegance at every step. We aim to be a reliable brand with the principles of innovation and sustainability and to offer a wide range of products that everyone can reflect their style.